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This is really not a feature of this group, unless if we count those greedy bastards as scammers.
But it is a thing that affects everyone on the Internet and beyond. It had been called on many names from SOPA through whatever they were to the recent Net Neutrality debate

(Please be aware that I was NOT saying here that SOPA itself is back. I am saying here that just like SOPA, this is another attempt at the US government that just wants to cripple the Internet.)

I embed a journal written by Whetsit-Tuya that explains it pretty well. Please read the embedded journal for the details!

(This article explains how cable TV prices went up for times the rate of inflation recently.)
If net neutrality is destroyed then it's all over, this affects North America and the rest of the world. To everyone who says "I live in Europe so this doesn't affect me" most web servers are hosted in the US so it affects you just as much in this aspect, it would most likely affect Canada first in the full aspect before anything then has a high potential to spread to the rest of the world, America is all about money, corruption and power, why do you think the US government sends troops to steal resources from other countries? The list goes on forever, imagine how clueless we'd be without Snowden. In short, what will happen if net neutrality is shot down is that ISPs like Comcast/Verizon/Time Warner Cable/AT&T will make you buy bundled website packages for the websites y


Despite it being a rather important thing, I almost did not notice it. They want to butcher us quietly, with us making a happy face as they do so. I do not plan to make these kind of alerts regular in the group. However, if you are interested being notified in time when these kind of "scams" are happening (more and more frequently and desperately that is) then you can watch the following channels/groups...
AlphaOmegaSin on "You"Tube. The guy does gaming videos, and also these rants and warnings as you can watch it in the embedded journal (Since Google did that G+ and copyright thing to YouTube in last Autumn, YouTube evolved into the Tube without You.)


The groups I featured in this journal have all of these in their focus, not just SOPA. They have it in their name and icon because they were founded back then when SOPA first emerged.
More Journal Entries


Warning Level!
BLACK: No problems at the moment.
(At least to our knowledge. Please alert us if you discover suspicious activity!)


:sherlock:HACKED/HACKER ACCOUNTS:sherlock:

(The lists here are not up to date at the moment.)

We are in need of admins. Read this:
Life getting slow here. Group admins are needed![GROUP RELATED]
That is partially because Sofarinrunning , our current 'Founder' has left her account (Update: She is back out of nowhere, but still), and DeviantArt altogether (she offers her account for anybody for free to take over, but I do not encourage such swap), and partially because I have not much free time to scoop around on the Internet like I earlier did. I took this admin position just because no one else did and I lurked around much. Maybe someone else could maintain the group, and help keep up safety on DA more efficiently, so staff change shall be expected in the near future.
You can apply here in the comment section below if you think you could maintain this group efficiently.
In your application, you should write:
-Why you should be an admin
-What you will do to benefit the group
-How often you plan to help update.
A reminder I put also here: Our goal is to warn DeviantArt users about real art theft, trolling/bullying, hacking, and scams/hoaxes, in a c


This group is a group where members of deviantART can gather and warn people about trolls, hackers, art thieves, scammers of all kinds (if it be someone who hired you to work for them and never paid you in full, or be it a common bot trying to gather points from you). We are here to protect our fellow artists in what ever it be.

Official deviantART Posts You Should Read

Be vigilant of phishing scams

Our Lists

Please check these list's before working/hiring someone or donating points to someone. (Again, the lists here are not up to date at the moment.)


Warning Color Levels:

RED: ALERT! Watch before you hire/give/copy/download. Scammers/Spammers at large!
ORANGE: Keep an eye out for these up and rising scammers/spammer.
YELLOW: Proven Scammer problems and Spammer Issues. Proceed with caution.
BLUE: Possible Scammer Problems and Mild Spammer Issues.
BLACK: No problems at the moment.

- Be aware that we are just a regular group active on (commonly shortened as DA) with members that are just regular DA users. All we can effectively do is notifying our watchers and/or report violations of the TOS (Terms of Service, at… ) to the DA staff, which you also can do at the DA help desk ( ) the same way, along with bug (error) reports. Click here to read "The correct way to handle / report TOS violators" ( ).
(You can see the list of DA staff employees at the beginning ot the below featured journal called "Looks like a wave of Account Hacking/Spamming".)

- You can watch these groups to catch official DA feature upgrades, news, and stuff:

- You have DA related questions or just simply new here? :iconda-qna:

- Interested in helping the web development of DA or want to talk with the developers?










Only groups that are objective enough, are allowed here.


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GyroBoll Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
About the comment below me:
It's false alarm, it was only me. That was an earlier account I made but lost the password for it, then suddenly remembered when I made this one. I wanted to quickly check out if those artists/groups are still active, but I pressed submit comment instead of preview. Anyways, I didn't need that account anymore.
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NinjaKato Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014
I don't know what is going on but I was notified that someone by the name of SnoopestLoopest posted a comment here mentioning me and someone else. 

What is this all about?…
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640KofWertzui Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
Somebody says that already reported it tough.
640KofWertzui Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
I got a bad feeling about this:
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The commenter below me is an art thief!
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All Unit Support NOW!!!!!

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