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*UPDATE 2 + a minor rethinking* Almost forgot! Here is this group: :iconnest-specialforce:
Okay, so I got no idea what it is all about. I tried to communicate with its founder, with no success. It seems like it has a theme on protecting Earth and humanity with military firearms from every creature thats not human. That is, uhm, noble I guess, but... it also takes itself too seriously! It is causing much uprage because of its offensive, over-the-top infant style. It got affiliated with our group before my time, and many of its members are also here. Sorry, I removed it from the affiliation list, and every other group as well, until they will be inspected and proved.

Only groups whose goal is to warn DeviantArt users about real art theft, trolling/bullying, hacking, and scams/hoaxes, in a civilized, objective manner, are supported by us (I mean by me at the moment, look at the *FIRST point) and not "counter-troll" drama trolls and "arrested them because they didn't like some fandom" policemen, NO! But we are no DA staff, we can not ban anybody or something. The adversaries I just mentioned are TOS (Terms Of Service) violations, and can be reported at the DA help desk by the way, and then a DA admin will PROBABLY take action.

As for the Nest-Specialforce... it won't be banned because it is not a TOS violator as far as I can see. It might have a rather peculiar and annoying style, but it doesn't go out and attack directly anybody or his/her deviation or original character, so just avoid it and spare the drama.

The correct way to handle / report TOS violators:There are plenty of people that come to this site simply to wreak havoc and cause discord amongst it's honest members. You know what I'm talking about, Trolls, thieves, and spam bots. Spam bots are an easy fix. They aren't real people, and despite spreading the dangerous scam/virus links, it's much easier to report them than trolls or thieves. This article is all about how to handle and correctly report these three most common TOS violators. 
Spam Bots
Let's go ahead and take care of the easier of the three first. If you don't know what a spam bot is, please see this Spam Bot FAQ. These accounts are relatively easy to pick out. If you suspect an account is spamming, take a look at their recent activity page. If it looks like this chances are very high it is a spammer. Click on where it says "comment" on their recent activity page to read their comment and tell for sure wheth

It's already featured in the group, but read it if you haven't done yet. We keep ourselves to this.

Plus, I was wrong, I wrote earlier below that Windows XP support will end on April 18th. In truth, it already ended on 8th. Apologies for the misinformation, now it is corrected.

*UPDATE 1* Here is this thing from a DA admin:
Beware of Chain Letter Style Panic JournalsThere is currently a nasty little rumor going around that someone started in their journal.
The message is basically something like;

On 21 of may, deviantart will be deleting all accounts. Not plz accounts. accounts ,  But just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly may happen in the future. If we find this message on your deviantID, journal, etc. We will know that your not fake.
Thank you for listening
-deviantart staff 

This message is complete garbage Please don't get sucked into the panic of spreading the journal because it's a complete hoax started by someone either to simply cause panic or to see how far it would be spread by the gullible.

I tried to submit it as featured, and the system feedback showed everything ok, but I am unsure if it really worked. Somebody from our kind Watchers, please tell here in a comment if it arrived in your inbox as a separate deviation submitted to this group. Thank you!

*FIRST (but least at the moment), this is still actual:
Life is getting slow here...That is partially because Sofarinrunning (our current 'Founder') has left her account, and Deviantart altogether (she offers her account for anybody for free to take over, but I do not encourage such swap), and partially because I have not much free time to scoop around on the Internet like I earlier did. I took this admin position just because no one else did and I lurked around much. Maybe someone else could maintain the group, and help keep up safety on the site more efficiently.
So staff change shall be expected in the near future. You can apply here in the comment section below if you think you could maintain this group efficiently. If you prove to be the appropriate person to take the the task, you will not be chosen immediately, I just want some people to be ready when the time gets there.
A reminder I put also here: Our goal is to warn DeviantArt users about real art theft, trolling/bullying, hacking, and scams/hoaxes, in a civilized, objective manner. But we are no DA staff,

*SECOND, I have to realize that people are still not fully aware of the "comment mentions" feature of DeviantArt, thus it can cause some funny situations, as the small incident in the comments section of this group's main page showcases it. (… )
This feature is always on and notifies the users when their account name, avatar icon, or a link to one of their deviations was used in a comment or journal anywhere on the pages of DeviantArt.
You can read the official announcement and the usage of it here:
Deviant and Art MentionsMentions: Connecting People
Mentions are a new, highly requested feature that makes engaging friends and artists in conversation more dynamic than ever before.
What is a Mention?
A Mention is when a deviant’s username, icon, or artwork is included in a comment or Journal. Mentions create links to the deviants or artwork you include, allowing you to highlight artists and engage deviants with ease.
Links to pages on deviantART can quickly be distinguished by their bold, dark-blue color, while external links are darker and have an arrow indicating you are leaving deviantART.
Deviants you mention are notified in the new Mentions section of the Message Center, making engaging and involving others in conversation a simple, hassle-free experience.
How to Mention
There are four ways to mention a deviant.
Displays as

By the way, you can watch this group to catch these feature upgrades: :iconhq:
...Or you can just check the notices that DA automatically sends to you. But you can browse the earlier ones here, among some other "official" DA related things if you would like.

*THIRD, for your on-line safety: Short-link expanders! As you might know, there are websites on the Internet (like, or the "Link" feature each deviation has) that allow you to take a loooong URL link, and associate a much shorter "code" to it which you can use in comments and such, so it looks much more tidy while it works just as well (depending on how long do you allow it) as if you copy-pasted the whole thing, and also obscures the original one (suitable for surprises whether good or malicious) BUT, there are also websites that allow to unshorten these mysterious links and give a safe peek to it's destination. There are a lot of these sites that offer this feature... but the thing is, the ones I tried, did not work satisfactory. I don't know.
Here are some examples found in this article, test them before you use them!
(You can also look for a similar extension for your browser.)
And once again I promote the "Web of Trust", you can read about it in the appropriate section of this previous journal:

*LASTLY, but still: Windows XP... April 8th...…
It can not be phrased enough. Update at least to Windows 7 on your Internet PC if possible. I say that "Beefing up your antivirus and avoiding Internet Explorer 8" is not enough!

"XP's retirement will be hacker heaven"... what not just XP users will eXPerience!

Keep safe and happy oncoming Easter!
More Journal Entries


Warning Level!
ORANGE: Keep an eye out for these up and rising scammers/spammers.
:sherlock:HACKED/HACKER ACCOUNTS:sherlock:



This group is a group where members of deviantART can gather and warn people about Scammers of all kinds. If it be someone who hired you to work for them and never paid you in full, or be it a common bot trying to gather points from you. We are here to protect our fellow artists in what ever it be.

Official deviantART Posts You Should Read

Be vigilant of phishing scams

Our Lists

Please check these list's before working/hiring someone or donating points to someone.


Warning Color Levels:

RED: ALERT! Watch before you hire/give/copy/download. Scammers/Spammers at large!
ORANGE: Keep an eye out for these up and rising scammers/spammer.
YELLOW: Proven Scammer problems and Spammer Issues. Proceed with caution.
BLUE: Possible Scammer Problems and Mild Spammer Issues.
BLACK: No problems at the moment.











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GyroBoll Mar 29, 2014  New member
About the comment below me:
It's false alarm, it was only me. That was an earlier account I made but lost the password for it, then suddenly remembered when I made this one. I wanted to quickly check out if those artists/groups are still active, but I pressed submit comment instead of preview. Anyways, I didn't need that account anymore.
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I don't know what is going on but I was notified that someone by the name of SnoopestLoopest posted a comment here mentioning me and someone else. 

What is this all about?…
(1 Reply)
Somebody says that already reported it tough.
I got a bad feeling about this:
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The commenter below me is an art thief!
Nothing new here...
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PhilippeMoreau Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
All Unit Support NOW!!!!!

tailsdollfangirl Aug 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
hello there theres some troll named :iconseacows: he is trying to said kill yourself  and stuff can you all  report this troll 
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