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This is a group where members of deviantART can gather and warn people about scammers to those annoying bots.
We are here to protect our fellow users on this site.

Consider this the unofficial Artist Beware of dA
Founded 3 Years ago
Nov 24, 2012


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Support & Cause

116 Members
143 Watchers
6,058 Pageviews
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Official deviantART Posts You Should Read

Be vigilant of phishing scams

Our Lists

Please check these list's before working/hiring someone or donating points to someone.

Warning Color Levels:

RED: ALERT! AVOID. Do not contact or engage. Avoid the user.
ORANGE: Known scammer/spammer, proceed with extreme caution
YELLOW: Proven scammer, with at least one known issue. Selective spammer
BLUE: Possible Scammer Problems and Mild Spammer Issues; not enough evidence
BLACK: No known issues

Be aware that we are just a regular group active on (commonly shortened as DA) with members that are just regular DA users. All we can effectively do is notifying our watchers and/or report violations of the TOS (Terms of Service, at… ) to the DA staff, which you also can do at the DA help desk ( ) the same way, along with bug (error) reports. Click here to read "The correct way to handle / report TOS violators" ( ).
ou can see the list of DA staff employees at the beginning ot the below featured journal called "Looks like a wave of Account Hacking/Spamming".

How to report art thieves:
"To the right of every deviation you will find a column which presents various bits of information and options. At the bottom of this column beneath the area devoted to Statistics you will find a link titled Report Deviation preceded by a small symbol of an exclamation point within a diamond shape..."…

You can watch these groups to catch official DA feature upgrades, news, and stuff:

You have DA related questions or just simply new here? :iconda-qna:

Interested in helping the web development of DA or want to talk with the developers?
It is NOT ok to harass or leave cruel messages on the pages of the commissioner and/or artist. Harassing those posted will not be tolerated.
This is also not slander as the claims can be proven true with evidence, which we require by default.
These are reviews based on personal experiences.

Who: Skyline19
What: Commission purchased on 12/25/13.
User has yet to finish commission as well as other's but continuously opens more slots.
Also hides any and all comments that pertain to others asking about commissions statuses. Has forgotten at one point who commissioned what. Blocks waiting customers.
-Submitted by Spicycrap

Another user has also purchased from Skyline on 5/15/13 and has yet to see any sign of a completed product.…

-Personally, I have only a small amount of sympathy for :iconskyline19:. Originally, I did feel a bit bad for them as life isn't really giving them a break buuut then said user posted photos of "proof" of them living in a hotel.
Said "proof" managed to capture the tv screen, which was currently displaying the PlayStation Home Screen and a red PlayStation controller. And PlayStation 2's most certainly don't have that screen, only PS3s.
Second thing I noticed is the picture of a desktop w/ monitor and, comparing that to the camera data on the side, would mean Skyline has both a laptop and a tablet. Now if that wasn't the kicker enough, if you combine the picture that has his desktop in it with the one that has the ps3 controller, you'll see what I believe is either a monitor or a flat screen tv. Which would mean..
Skyline has a Samsung tablet, a computer, a PS3, and a flat screen tv.
You might want to consider where certain things are next time you take a picture.... :>Mod Chaos

Edit: There's a user on another (nsfw) site that ordered from them back in Jan 2014 and still hadn't seen any result of what they paid for.Gotta reemphasize, people. If you haven't contacted paypal, please do. Don't email them, call them. Even if you can't get a refund, at least make it so that they can't take any donations/commission money for that account. If anything, it's likely that the first paypal account of his was shut down.
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shark235 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 1, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the food spam :+favlove: but I dispise internet spam :chainsaw:
(1 Reply)
abysskai Featured By Owner Edited Aug 13, 2015  Student General Artist
Beware of someone named hachim965, tried to scam by sending a note advertising you will get a premium account. I checked the link and DA account, obviously a scam. It is a probably a phishing website.
If he ever send a note to you with a link, just delete it.
Berinthia Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Beware, someone named Maynul787 tried to scam me with a note advertising a fake premium deviantart account if you click a shady link attached to the note. If you get a note from one of these scammers then DO NOT click the link. It can be harmful to your computer or someone could hack your account. So just delete the note.
kari5 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015
i have found many hack tools in deviantart the hack tools need to be banned
DeathTheGamerGirl Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Are you guys still active?
(1 Reply)
The-Pink-Artist Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm just warning all of you right now, if you get a note about a free primium account do not I repeat DO NOT click the link. It is a not trying to I stall a virus.
(1 Reply)
LevairTaivas Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015   Artist
I need help!
Someone scammed me, it's been well over many months now and
they have scammed both me and another deviant!
I'll link that person here when someone here is able to assist, please help!
(1 Reply)
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